Spring 2015 Tournament Recap


16 players gathered at the Baton Rouge Bridge Club on April 25, 2015 to play in the Baton Rouge Spring Scrabble tournament. Players came from Louisiana, and the neighboring states of Texas and Mississippi to play 8 games in the one day tournament.

Fran Silver, from Texas, won the top prize, with a 6-2 record. Sarah Waits of New Orleans took second place. The winner of the second divison was Maneck Cntractor, of New Orleans. Samuel Kennedy, playing in his first Scrabble tournament, took second place in Division B.

For many players, it was their first opportunity to play with a new lexicon (OTCWL2014). Prizes were awarded for the highest played new word in each of the two divisions. Fran Silver played NANCIER for 75 points, and Sandra Grant played TIX for 57 points. The highest scoring play overall was played in Divison B, by Annette McCaffery: INQUEST for 117 points. In Division A, Carolyn Atchison played GORIEST for 96 points. Mike Waugh played the highest scoring game, earning 535 points. Full results are listed below and at cross-tables (Baton Rouge Tournament results).

Division A Rank: 1st $125 Silver, Fran 6-2 +551
Division A Rank: 2nd $90 Waits, Sarah 5-3 +215
Division A Rank: 3rd $65 Dimmick, Lindsey 5-3 -156
High Play $10 Carolyn Atchison GORIEST 96 points
High New Word $10 Fran Silver NANCIER 75 points
Division A High Win $10 Waugh, Mike 535
Division B Rank: 1st $100 Contractor, Maneck 6-2 +258
Division B Rank: 2nd $70 Kennedy, Samuel 5.5-2.5 +365
Division B Rank: 3rd $40 Murphy, Joan 4.5-3.5 +172
High Play $10 Annette McCaffery INQUEST 117
High New Word $10 Sandra Grant TIX 57
Division B High Win $10 Hebert, Chandra 466

Thanks to members of the Baton Rouge Scrabble Club and Carolyn Atchison for providing food, snacks and drinks.

The Baton Rouge Scrabble Club will be holding its next tournament on October 10-11, 2015.

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