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Spring Tournament Results


22 players from Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Florida competed for cash prizes in the 2012 Baton Rouge Spring Scrabble Tournament.

The local players parlayed their home-field advantage to take first place in all three divisions. Joan Murphy, Lindsey Dimmick, and Eric Cahanin all placed first in their respective divisions.

Eric Cahanin had Division A wrapped up as early as game 6. He eventually went undefeated, 8-0, with a point spread of +865. That means he won his games by an average of over 100 points per game. With his victory, he moved up to  be the third top-rated player among active players in Louisiana. This was only his 10th lifetime tournament.

Lindsey Dimmick, the winner of Division B, has been on a whirlwind tour of the Scrabble tournaments in the southeast, having competed in 23 tournaments in the past two years. She used that experience to overcome a slow start and to take first place only after winning her last game.

Having just turned in her paperwork to retire from a long career in teaching, Joan Murphy must have found a certain kind of peace of mind as she was able to win 7 of her 8 games in Division C.

The highest scoring word of the tournament was a triple-triple, SNARFING for 140 points, courtesy of  Baton Rouge club super-regular, Conrad Braud.

The players were well fed, with plenty of complimentary snacks, drinks, and hearty red beans and rice provided by the Baton Rouge Scrabble Club.

Over 85% of entry fees were returned as cash prizes.

Full results:

Division A

1 8–0 +865 Cahanin, Eric ($125)
2 5–3 +282 Millard, Leslie  ($90)
3 4–4 −49 Crotty, Lila  ($70)
4 4–4 −58 Drake, Carole
5 3–5 −49 Braud, Conrad 
6 3–5 −223 Giblin, William 
7 3–5 −323 Bahra, James
8 2–6 −445 Joffe, Helen

 Division B

1 6–2 +161 Dimmick, Lindsey  ($110)
2 5–3 +285 Bee, Margaret  ($75)
3 4–4 −12 Jackson, Brett 
4 4–4 −36 Altazan, Peggy 
5 3–5 −83 Larkins, Broderick
6 2–6 −315 Smith, Brenda

 Division C

 1 7–1 Murphy, Joan  ($95)
2 6–2 Atchison, Carolyn  ($60)
3 6–2 Livers, Elaine ($40)
4 4–4  Lewis, Queen Ester 
5 3½–4½  Warren, Linda 
6 3–5  McCaffery, Annette 
7 1½–6½ 1 Hebert, Chandra 
8 1–7  Larkins, Broderick Jr

Statistics and enhanced scoreboard can be found at the tournament page.

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Live Tournament Updates

22 great Scrabble players are currently matching wits at the 2012 Baton Rouge Spring Scrabble Tournament.

Tournament results are live. Check out the enhanced scoreboards:

Division A Enhanced Scoreboard

Division B Enhanced Scoreboard

Division C Enhanced Scoreboard



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