2012 Louisiana Scrabble Championship

17 players came to compete for two days in the 2012 Fall Baton Rouge Scrabble Championship. Players came from Alabama, New Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana.

Eric Cahanin successfully defended his Louisiana Scrabble Championship crown, having first won the top prize last year. Wally Schultz of New Mexico took second place.

Here is a list of the prize winners:

Division A 1st: $140 Cahanin, Eric 10-2 +680
Division A 2nd: $80 Schultz, Wallace 6-6 +482
Division A High Win: $10 Schultz, Wallace 562-324
Division High Word: $10 Cahanin, Eric SUZERAIN 104
Division B 1st: $120 Dimmick, Lindsey 8-4 +181
Division B 2nd: $70 Drake, Carole 8-4 +166
Division B High Win: $10 Atchison, Carolyn 504-382
Division B High Word: $10 Drake, Carole PLUMPISH 101
Division C 1st: $100 Waits, Sarah 10-2 +581
Division C 2nd: $60 McCaffery, Annette 8-4 +237
Division C High Win: $10 Waits, Sarah 534-329
Division C High Word: $10 Waits, Sarah DETOXES 122

A complete list of winners can be found on www.cross-tables.com.

The Baton Rouge Scrabble Club provided food, snacks and drinks. The red beans and rice was a particular favorite.

Thanks to the members of the Baton Rouge Scrabble Club and Helen Joffe for providing food. Thanks to John Chew for technical support. Thanks to Seth Lipkin for cross-tables.com.

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